Wine Club - The Premium Club

The Premium Club Benefits

  • Access to Premium wines at future prices, months before the are listed on Laurentide menu
  • Ability to buy additional Estate Oaked Premium wines beyond the initial shipment with 15% club member discount
  • Premium wine complimentary tastings for Premium Club Members Only!

The Premium Club Details

  • Free to join to existing Laurentide Lovers Wine Club members in good standing
  • $100 to join if not already a Laurentide Lovers Wine Club member in good standing
  • 4 bottle annual release consisting of 2 Reserve oaked whites & 2 Reserve oaked reds- Cost all inclusive for 4 pack shipment includes flat rate shipping totalling $150
  • Receive your 4 pack release starting 1st weekend in December - 1 box shipment per year!
  • Pickup option saves $20. You must email before emailled release
  • Wine will be shipped if not picked up!
Please call (231) 994-2147 or email for more details.

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Total cost: $150 - 4 Premium bottles and shipping. Out of state shipping available. See what states we ship to.
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We welcome suggestions! Check any events that interest you as a Laurentide Lovers Wine Club member:
By clicking the "Sign Up Now" button below, you agree to accepting 1 wine shipment in December and that your credit card will be billed & then shipped if not picked up by 12/31/2018. You must cancel or inform Laurentide by email at before 12/1/2018 of changes to ensure correct delivery.