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Hi Milo, Can you describe yourself?
Well, Iím a dorky. Thatís a mix of dachshund and Yorkshire terrier. So I have the best of the best breeds on earth. What more can be said?
What brought you to Laurentide as associate barktender?
I take care of my 2 legger Andrew. He is my responsibility and since heís the tasting room manager I have to watch that he does indeed do his job correctly.
And what exactly do you do all day at Laurentide?
I am the official greeter and barker and perform light security. I take a very low 4 legged profile and ensure the safety of the establishment.
How do you know Andrew?
We went to college together and although I officially didnít get a degree (details, details), I have been to doggie classes. I may go back and finish someday so it looks good when I see the vet.
Whatís the best part of your day?
Well, I like my job and perform my tricks for my growing fan base like the famous shoulder balancing act but frankly, Iím exhausted being cute all the time and at the end of my shift, I am tuckered out and just need a nap.
Any down side to your work?
When customers bring in their 4 leggers. Then I am banished to the back room where I am embarrassed to say that I do quite a bit of whimpering. Other than that I have a very positive outlook.
Do you have any outside interests?
Yes. In fact outside is my interest. Everything else is secondary.
Well Milo, thatís all I have for now. Anything youíd like to add?
Well I donít generally talk much but I am very happy that I get to spend all my time with my man- its what makes living good. And, I really am a people creature, I just you know, need to check you out and ensure that you are not an invader or anything. Then, we are friends for life.
Thanks Milo- keep up the fabulous job.
All opinions have been verified and are the opinions of owner, management and in the mind of Milo.

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