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Will McCrory
Assistant Tasting Room Manager

I graduated from MSU where I studied supply chain management. I found a passion for wine in an elective class where I learned the history of wine and science of wine, as well as tasting quite a few. Coming up to Leelanau for many years I always enjoyed going to wineries and walking through the vineyards. It wasn’t ‘til I was older that I learned how special Leelanau’s wines are. To me wine is best enjoyed with good food and better people. My favorite wine is the Fume Blanc which I like to pair with cheese and my mother's grilled white fish.

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Customer Testimonials

"Lovely tasting room. Barb was vary knowledgeable and understood what we would like. Delicious wines!"

"Local Guide · 18 reviews · 26 photos a year ago- Several amazing, award-winning wines. I will return."

"Product knowledge is always outstanding"

"This was a great place, Ben spent a lot of time educating us on their wines and the folks in the area. We thought we were just red wine enthusias..."